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Surgical Services - Orthopedic

Hands hurt, knees ache, shoulders stiffen...

It's when these ailments begin affecting our quality of life that we realize it's time to go to the doctor. Sometimes medication and physical therapy can relieve discomfort. When other treatments fail to bring relief, surgery may become the best option.

When your doctor recommends a visit to an orthopedic specialist, MHCS can help. Monthly, two Lincoln board-certified orthopedic physicians conduct seven clinics within the MHCS Specialty Clinic. The surgical department of Memorial Hospital is equipped to support these physicians with various orthopedic procedures (see list below). The MHCS Specialty Clinic, Memorial Hospital and the MHCS Family Medical Centers strive to provide appropriate services to all patients. It's all about caring...right here...close to home.

Douglas P. Tewes. MD
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center, PC
Nicholas K. Gove, MD
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center, PC

Orthopedic Procedures
ACL repair
Total Knee Replacement
Arthroscopy of: Knee, Shoulder, Ankle
Tendon repair
Closed/Open Reductions of fractures
Hip pinnings
Hip prosthesis
Hand surgery
Carpel tunnels

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