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Surgical Services - General Surgery

Memorial Hospital Offers State-of-the-Art Equipment and Experienced Surgical Team

Bonnie Hentzen, RN, ER/OR/OB Supervisor at Memorial Hospital, is proud of the state-of-the-art equipment available to the general surgeons performing procedures in the spacious, sparkling clean operating room.

"It's important that we provide our surgeons with the best equipment to assure good surgical outcomes," says Hentzen. "We have excellent communication with our surgeons. We listen closely to them to assure that they have the supplies and technology they need."

With the growth of laparoscopic procedures, Memorial Hospital has purchased a laparoscopy system with large 36" high definition monitors. This system is instrumental in diagnostic and operative procedures, including arthroscopies, uterine and abdominal procedures.


Daniel Growney. MD
York Surgical Associates, PC
Richard Pitsch, MD
Lincoln Surgical Group
Robert Pitsch, MD
Lincoln Surgical Group
Rick Windle, MD
Surgical Care
Ye Ye, MD
York Surgical Associates, PC


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