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Memorial Health Care Systems Programs

MHCS takes seriously the importance of providing health and wellness education to the communities we serve. We provide educational opportunities through many efforts that include:

Diabetic Education and Support: MHCS recognizes the profound affect diabetes has on a patient when left unmonitored and unchecked. Education is very important in the management of diabetes. MHCS offers a diabetic education course that is specifically targeted to newly diagnosed patients. Monthly support meetings are also available to diabetics. These meetings provide an excellent resource for new medical information, networking and support for one another. The diabetic support meetings are held on the the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Seward Family Medical Center lower-level conference room.

Fridays for You: Monthly educational luncheons give attendees an opportunity to stay abreast of important information relating to their personal health and wellness.

MHCS Annual Health Fair: Annually, over 1,300 people gather the first Wednesday each April at the Seward County Ag Pavilion for the express purpose of learning more about their health and wellbeing. Displays, health screenings, snacks and prizes help to make this special day educational for attendees of all ages. Contact Jane Rehmer at 402-646-4626 for more information.

Pediatric Teaching Event: Annually, Memorial Hospital hosts ALL area 2nd grade classes at an interactive fieldtrip when students come to Memorial Hospital to role play a hospital stay, give 'shots' to teddy bears, learn to give 'stitches,' check each others' ears, and experience many other hands-on activities. This event is geared to help allay the fears of children in a medical environment and introduces them to the possibilities of health care careers.

MHCS Speakers' Bureau: Our professional staff is well-versed and available to speak on countless topics relating to your personal health. Contact Carol Carlson at 402-646-4627 if you are needing a speaker for your next meeting.