Memorial Health Care Systems
of Milford, Seward and Utica

Caring for Families

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Department Fax Numbers

Please note that we have different fax numbers for our various departments. Depending on your needs, use the following fax numbers.

* Also remember to always use a fax cover sheet for HIPPA compliance.

Clinical Care:  
Memorial Health Care Systems LAB 402-646-4665
Memorial Hospital RADIOLOGY 402-646-4671
Memorial Hospital Nurses Station 402-646-4661
Memorial Hospital Assisted Living 402-646-4657
Milford Family Medical Clinic 402-761-3493
Seward Family Medical Clinic 402-646-4620
Utica Family Medical Clinic 402-534-2187
Outpatient Specialty Clinic 402-646-4636
Memorial Hospital Respiratory 402-646-4594
Business Offices:  
HIMS 402-646-4639
Hospital Business Office 402-646-4596
SFMC Business Office 402-646-4635
Human Resources 402-646-4621
Administration 402-646-4605