Memorial Health Care Systems
of Milford, Seward and Utica

Caring for Families

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About Us

It's All About Caring

Mission for Memorial Health Care Systems

We enhance the quality of life for individuals in our communities by providing excellence in health care services in the most appropriate settings.


Statement of Values

We believe in...


Brief History

Concerned citizens met July 17, 1947, to discuss ways of providing modern health care to Seward County and the surrounding area. Through fundraising efforts and the Hill Burton plan, construction for a new hospital began July 4, 1949, and opened on September 1, 1950, in memory of World War I & II servicemen.

These first fundraising efforts created the original membership from which the Board of Directors had been selected until 1993. At that time, the corporate name was changed to Memorial Health Care Systems and the membership reopened.


Now, with many health care services to offer, and in collaboration with three physician clinic sites, ten physicians, Memorial Health Care Systems is well prepared to carry on the dreams of the original concerned citizens by providing modern, technically-advanced health care services close to home.

MHCS Board of Directors
Mike Hecker, Chairman
Larry Lindquist, Vice-Chairman
James Swanson, Secretary/Treasurer
Donna Havener
Steve Kayton
Marlin Pozehl
Tammy Wissing

Mike Hecker
Larry Lindquist
James Swanson
Donna Havener
Steve Kayton
Marlin Pozehl
Tammy Wissing


Memorial Health Care Systems is a member of the Nebraska Hospital Association. NHA